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Family Definition
Family Definition
The definition of a family contained within the rental code applies to all rental properties in Cedar Falls, no matter what the type or zoning district.  The definition is as follows:

Family means a person living alone, or any of the following groups living together in a single dwelling unit as a single, non-profit housekeeping unit and sharing common living, sleeping, cooking and eating facilities: 

(a) Any number of persons related by blood, marriage, adoption, guardianship or other duly- authorized custodial relationship; or 
(b) Two unrelated persons and any dependent children related to either of them; or 
(c) Not more than five (5) persons who are granted a group rental permit under subsection
14-222(f) of this division. 

Any family as described in either subsection (a) or subsection (b) above may also allow occupancy of one additional person who is either a live-in nanny, a live-in maid, a live-in caretaker, a live-in nurse, a foreign exchange student, or a roomer.