Applications and Forms

Below are tabs for the various applications accepted by the Planning and Community Services Division. Click here for a fee schedule. These forms can be submitted to or at City Hall. If you have questions please feel free to call (319) 273-8600.

  1. New Construction / Additions
  2. Signage
  3. Rental Applications
  4. Grants / Tax Exemptions
  5. Rezoning / Subdivision / Street Vacation / BOA

Land Use Permit Application: Before dividing a property into two or more lots, city review is required. Residential properties including new construction, additions, fences, driveways, garages, adding an antenna on an existing communication tower, and the like will need this permit. In addition, a Building Permit and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (prior to new home construction) may be required. Information sheets are provided for common questions, illustrating what is permitted.

Small Cell Siting Application: This application is for reviewing the Land Use and Excavation (right-of-way) permit aspects only.

Major Site Plan ApplicationGenerally applies when new construction, additions, or redevelopment is proposed on commercial or multi-family properties. However, site plan review may be required for a single-unit or duplex residential property if located in an overlay zone, such as the College Hill Neighborhood Overlay District. Check with the Planning & Community Services Division if you have questions about the review process that is required. In addition, a Building Permit and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (prior to new home construction) are also required.

Downtown Character District Review: This application is for changes to the exterior buildings walls or building features of an existing building located in the Downtown Character District (CD-DT) that require administrative review and approval. Please note that a pre-application meeting is also required.

College Hill Neighborhood Design ReviewSubmit this application for exterior renovations and sign improvements to all properties located in the College Hill Neighborhood. Please contact the Planning & Community Services Division regarding questions on this review.

Fill Permit Application: Properties located in the Special Flood Hazard Area or general floodplain district must submit a fill permit application for the placement of fill material on the property. Fill is allowed at a 3-foot depth from the natural grade that does not exceed 33.3% (1/3) of the lot area.

Floodplain Development Application

To find the zoning for your property or see roughly where your property lines are go to the Cedar Falls Web Mapping Site. 

Use the 'Search' box in the upper-right hand corner to enter and address, street name or subdivision name.  Expand the 'Planning' layers on the left and turn on 'Zoning'.  Please contact us with any questions at

For more information on getting a permit or scheduling an inspection please visit our Permits and Inspections page.