Downtown Streetscape and Reconstruction

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The Downtown Streetscape is underway and we are looking forward to the improvements it will bring for both visitors and residents in the area! Stay updated on the construction progress by clicking here to sign up for "Downtown Streetscape and Reconstruction Project" emails/text.

2021 Construction- Phase 2

The Cedar Falls Downtown Streetscape and Reconstruction project will be starting Phase 2 of construction on April 5, 2021.

As progress continues during Phase 2 in 2021, the remaining three blocks of the Parkade (completing the 300, 400, and 500 block) will receive updated brick pavers and amenities, including the new precast concrete twig benches and planter beds. Additionally, four side streets will go through extensive overhauls. The two blocks of 4th Street (between Washington Street and State Street) will also be receiving new water main, storm sewer, pavement, sidewalk brick, trees, and street lights.

During construction, portions of the sidewalk will remain open to allow for access to area businesses. 

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2020 Construction- Phase 1 (Complete)

Streetscape before and after

Construction on the first phase of the Streetscape kicked off on March 30, 2020, and wrapped up in Fall 2020. It included the reconstruction of West 3rd Street and West 2nd Street (Main to Washington). 

Sidewalks were also reconstructed in the following areas:

• Parkade: 100 block - East side
• West 1st Street Crosswalk 
• Parkade: 200 block - East side
• East 2nd Street sidewalk - entire south side and west half of north side 
• Parkade: 200 block - West side
• Parkade: 300 block - East side (at 302 Main St.)
• Parkade: 100 block - West side
In 2020, amenities to accommodate guests in the area were also added including concrete twig benches on Main Street and additional pedestrian hubs throughout the district. 

About the Downtown Streetscape Project

The City of Cedar Falls partnered with Community Main Street to develop a downtown streetscape plan in 2015. The goal was to increase walkability and create cohesion for the growing area. 

Improvements started in 2019 along State Street and Washington with decorative light poles and conduit for the electricity. Hubs were installed on State Street which included a decorative brick with a bench, trash can, and bike rack. Construction plans were developed for portions of 2nd and 3rd Streets, as well as sidewalk replacement along the Parkade. Below is an image of the red, grey and tan brick that will be constructed on the Parkade from 2020–2022.

This conceptual layout and color scheme for downtown sidewalk bricks was supported by Council in May 2019.

Downtown Streetscaping Map


These projects are a partnership among City, Community Main Street and Cedar Falls Utilities. A grant from the Black Hawk County Gaming Commission is helping with part of the project as well. Community Main Street completed a fundraising campaign to support the project.

Project Contacts:

Ben Claypool, Civil Engineer II, City of Cedar Falls: or (319) 243-2704