Central Park

Open Play area at central Park
Location:  Lions Baseball Field – Irving Street, Behind the CF Amvets off 18th St.
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Playground & Park – 404 E. Seerley  
Across from Peet Jr. High
Behind Old Ray Edwards Pool
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Acreage: 20.5 Acres
To Rent the Shelter:  

  • Shelters in the parks may be reserved in advance by signing a contract and paying the rental fee.To Book the Shelter, you must do so at The Cedar Falls Recreation and Fitness Center at 110 E. 13th St Cedar Falls
  • Want to check to see if it's available:  319-273-8636

*Play Equipment
*Youth Ball Diamond
(Lions Field Located North of Park-access off 18th St.)
*Picnic Area
*Open Space
*Play Fields
*Parking Lot

About the Park
This Park was adjacent to Ray Edwards Aquatic Center. It at one time was home to a teen center. 

Bridge at Central ParkPlay Equipment at Central Park