Mission Statement & Goals

Mission Statement

Maintain and improve the safety and desirability of Cedar Falls through the efficient delivery of public services, and the ongoing practice of open communication among Council, Staff, Mayor, and Citizens.

Organizational Goals

  • Continue to provide a representative system that identifies and anticipates concerns, problems, and opportunities, which are effectively addressed with thoughtful and decisive governmental actions.
  • Maintain and improve effective communications and marketing programs for the citizens of Cedar Falls.
  • Deliver public services in a cost effective, efficient, professional, and timely manner.
  • Equitably allocate the community’s resources in a manner which cost effectively accomplishes the City’s mission.
  • Preserve the community’s physical, human, and aesthetic assets by assuring that “quality of life” services are available for the leisure, education, and cultural and personal enrichment of residents.
  • Create an environment conducive to economic development.
  • Select, train, motivate, and retain highly qualified employees who represent the City in a professional manner.