Aquatic Facilities

  1. Holmes & Peet Pools
  2. The Falls

Holmes Pool

505 Holmes Dr. Cedar Falls
Holmes PoolWinter/Spring
POOLS CLOSED: Thru April 30

Open Rec Swim
7:00pm-8:45pm T Th Sun
1:00pm-3:45pm Sun
Lap Swim
6:00pm-6:50pm Sun
6:15pm-7:00pm T Th
8:55pm-9:50pm T Th

Open Rec Swim
1:00pm-4:30pm Daily
6:30pm-8:45pm Daily
Lap Swim
5:30pm-6:20pm Sun
9:00pm-9:50pm T Th
5:45am-7:30am  MWF

About Holmes Pool      

  • 6-lanes; 25-meter pool with starting blocks
  • 1 and 3-meter diving board
  • Therapy pool/baby pool
  • Balcony seating for 350-400 people
  • Available for Rental

Peet Pool

525 E. Seerley Blvd Cedar Falls

POOLS CLOSED: Thru April 30

Open Rec Swim
1:00pm-3:45pm  Sat
Lap Swim
5:45am-7:30am MWF

About Peet Pool       

  • 6-lane; 25-yard pool with starting blocks
  • Two 1-meter diving boards
  • Bleacher seating for 100 people
  • Available for Rental