Boards & Commissions

Why should I serve on a city board or commission?

Thank you for your interest! Cedar Falls is successful as a community because of the time and talents generously provided by its residents.  Civic-minded volunteers on our many boards and commissions help set the city’s direction through recommendations to the City Council, community advocacy, and in some cases, directly interpreting city code and ruling on appeals from community members.

Whether serving for two years or twenty, service on a city board or commission provides an excellent opportunity to:

  • better understand the operation of local government
  • build professional relationships with others who share your passion in a topic
  • ensure that local government is representative of the people it serves
  • gain experience vital for future successful service as a local elected official

Details about each of the boards and commissions are available via the board links in the sidebar. 

How do I apply for an appointment?

First, fill out the one-page General Application for Boards and Commissions and submit your completed application to the Mayor’s Office; instructions are on the form.

When a seat comes open, you’ll be sent a one-page board-specific Candidate Questionnaire for any board you checked on the General Application. By returning the questionnaire by the published consideration date, you’ll be considered for appointment by the Selection Board 

Note: If you’re not selected for the open seat, your application will remain on file in the Mayor's Office for five years, and you'll be notified of additional opportunities during that time. Feel free to submit an updated General Application at any time. 

What are the qualifications to serve?

Our boards and commissions benefit from a wide variety of life experiences; gender, demographics, experience, educational specialties, and other factors are all taken into account. Some boards require specialized experience, but many others are open to all residents, and even non-residents. If you're unsure, go ahead and submit an application...your background might be just what the Selection Committee is looking for!

Mayor's Application Process for City Boards and Commissions

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