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Feb 07

[ARCHIVED] Cedar Falls Snowfighters Making City Streets Safe

The original item was published from February 7, 2020 10:31 AM to January 14, 2022 4:23 PM


Keeping our city streets cleared during the winter is an important and difficult job, so we want to thank our Cedar Falls Snowfighters for everything they do! The hard work and dedication of our Public Works road crews are a key component to keeping our community moving. Learn more about their job and how they work tirelessly to keep us safe!

How many lane miles does the road crew team plow?
There are approximately 500 lane miles that are plowed throughout the City  

How are streets prioritized for order of plowing?
Arterial roads are 1st priority. Collector streets that direct traffic to the main arterials are 2nd priority. Residential streets are plowed once all priority 1 and 2 streets are complete. Residential streets are typically plowed upon receiving 3” of accumulation and depending on current weather conditions and forecast.

How many routes do they have?
There are 15 areas and one auxiliary route Some routes have 2 trucks assigned

How many snowplow operators and snowplow trucks does the city operate?
22 truck plows, 2 motor graders and 4 end loaders with plow and wing attachments.

How long does it take to plow the entire City?
A typical full plow event can be completed in 8- 10 hours, depending on conditions.

If you see snowplows on the street, make sure to give them space so they can work. If you have any questions about snow removal or would like more information, please contact public works at (319) 273-8629.